Cosmetics, fragrances
& Spirits packaging

custom made wooden luxury packaging

perfume packaging

In the world of Perfumery, the most famous fragrances have always been valorized by their packaging.  The Minelli Group has the ability to transform a simple idea into a unique packaging item which gives the product a special and precious look. Minelli’s experience in Woodworking, combined with a vast selection of wood species and finishing solutions, results in prestigious caps or containers being manufactured for the Perfumery sector.

wooden cosmetic packaging

To protect and preserve cosmetic products, Minelli has the ability to propose the best solutions in terms of Wood and manufacturing techniques so as to achieve the most demanding goals. Mixing Esthetic to functionality, Minelli can manufacture the best and safest caps and cosmetic packaging to complete plastic or glass containers, giving a natural and genuine touch to the whole packaging concept.

Personalized luxury wooden perfume caps

wood spirits caps

Minelli’s long tradition as a woodworking manufacturer of packaging for premium quality beverage products can help vehicle a brand’s mission. The Minelli Group has developed a deep knowledge in creating excellent and prestigious packaging solutions which can be applied to a vast variety of projects. Minelli can supply beverage caps, cases and boxes that meet the highest customer’s expectations.