digital manufacturing
& Innovation

At Minelli, the entire production process—from ordering raw materials to distributing final products—is automated and controlled by sophisticated software and digital systems to guarantee the highest precision, quality, and consistency.

Robots and technologically advanced tools significantly improve and optimize the process, making it faster and more reliable.

Efficiency is also an advantage for our clients. They can receive their products on time and put them on the market as scheduled. There is a positive effect on production costs, too, making our components more cost-effective.

diversity & inclusion

Views and cultures that are different from ours are an added value for us.
People who work at Minelli—both in Italy and the U.S.—come from all over the world. They help us innovate and grow in a more equal world.
Our inclusive environment allows our employees to make their voices heard while collaborating with an assertive attitude.

At our American production plant, we didn’t try to impose Italian work standards. We adapt to local culture and attitudes, respecting them as much as possible.
We strive to build a connected workforce where everyone is free to express themselves while feeling a sense of belonging and eager to learn from each other.

Minelli Academy

Our attachment to the territory led us to create a project with local schools to give students the opportunity to work with us and learn from our experts.

The object is valorising and training young talents, offering them the opportunity to develop their skills in an innovative, multinational, and cutting-edge company with a chance to become part of our team.

Here are the different phases of our production process: discover how we make them digital!

  • Ordering

    Each order is carefully programmed in our production software. When we order the raw material, we create a digital document in which each single detail relating to the wares is specified, from the wood essences we need and their characteristics to the scheduled delivery.
    In this way, once the raw materials have arrived, we can check to see if they respect our standards and requests.
    In case any problems occur, our product managers receive instant notification so that they can take the necessary measures to ensure precision and punctuality.

  • Design

    Either starting from a sketch, a physical sample, or a concept, we support you during the entire design process of your wooden products.

    Thanks to the latest CAD-CAM software, we can simulate even the most difficult drawings without disturbing the concept and the general feeling of the original project.

    Our start-up meeting involves a visit in our virtual showroom for inspiration and brainstorming.

    Then, starting from the design constraints analysis, we provide a full prospect of the investment required, an estimate of price, realistic prototypes of the final product, and a 3D design.

  • Material preparation

    To ensure top-quality wooden components, it is essential that the raw material is carefully prepared. The drying process is especially important to guarantee ideal moisture content for a clean milling process, higher dimensional stability, and less probability of breakage.

    The Minelli Group has in-house and state-of-the-art drying chambers.

    Each chamber has a built-in control unit with heating, spraying, dehumidification, and an air circulation system, with the possibility of adjusting them according to the starting moisture content and type of wood to treat.

    Depending on the object, moisture content must be reduced to a given humidity level, usually from 8% to 12%; however, there are some exceptions where lower or higher moisture content is needed.

    A team of experts is assigned to this duty, as each batch has its own features that must be considered before processing.

    Our in-house drying chamber allows us to treat batches of wood of the same size as the batch we need to manufacture. This means we can prepare just the needed material on demand, avoiding storing unused wood for very long.

    This leads to higher productivity at a lower cost.

  • Production

    Most manufacturers use multipurpose production equipment to manufacture different types of products. If necessary, the Minelli Group can develop a dedicated production line for specific items to meet clients’ requirements and ensure accuracy, brief lead time, and higher volume.

    We only use the latest generation of customized and made-for-purpose CNC machines with three and five axes that provide consistent dimensional and finishing results even at a very high production volume.

    Many of our machines are unique and custom-made, as we developed them with external partners to produce specific objects.

    We also created our own Manufacturing Execution System (MES), which makes our company fully connected. Thanks to our digital technology, the planning department can estimate progress of the production process at each stage: this is essential for accurate cost estimation in pilot, comprehensive management of overall lead time, and to be able to react timely to any inconvenience that may occur.

    We have recently implemented new 3D metrology technology that lets us guarantee maximum precision for each production lot.

    This system, which is based on blue light 3D scanning technology, enables our engineers to quickly generate 3D blueprints of physical objects with a high level of accuracy.

    Before production, metrological instruments are used to set up the needed machinery so that it can produce the object according to the technical drawing.

    Then, you make a prototype that will be scanned to verify if the machinery has been set up correctly.

    Only when the wooden object has been completely scanned and the machine doesn’t find any problems can production start.

    The process is fully automated, so the possibility of error is minimal, even nonexistent.

  • Prototyping

    Thanks to cutting-edge technologies and design software, our experts can simulate the final product with a high level of accuracy and precision and provide a representative 3D prototype before production.

    This is necessary to understand if the object corresponds to our clients’ ideas or if some modifications are required.

    For this purpose, we have built and set up a dedicated prototyping division capable of producing a 1:1 sample of the final product.

  • Finishing

    The finishing phase is one of the most important aspects of the process.

    Automatic systems as well as anthropomorphic laser robots—which can adapt to every shape with radial movements and different engraving depths—let us customize each product according to clients’ preferences and create the most complex and technical designs.

    Our internal R&D department constantly observes the market to develop innovative finishing options according to market trends and customers’ preferences.

  • Quality Control

    All our products are individually checked with a sophisticated automatic system of visual control of eight infrared video cameras that operate at 360° all around the object.

    The core technology is an innovative tailor-made artificial intelligence algorithm that ensures continuous monitoring of the process with data collection and analysis, providing real-time visualization and dedicated reporting compliant with Industry 4.0 regulations.

    The system is equipped with auto learn function: thanks to previous production experience and data saved over time, the system is able to adapt independently to further improve the efficiency of the line.

    Some products have very complex shapes, and precise measurements can be very difficult. If made manually, the probability of error is high.

    Thanks to our 3D laser technology and metrology software, the entire process is automated, faster, and more reliable:

    First, the wooden object is completely scanned with a laser gun; then, the metrology software creates a three-dimensional representation that must be compared with the original technical drawing to verify that nominal dimensions and tolerances are correct.

    Digitalized quality control processes guarantee the highest accuracy.

  • Delivery

    Each item is automatically packed according to customer specifications in safe and clean warehouses, with discarded items reentering our production system to become other items, according to the circular economy model.

    We can also provide customizable private stocking solutions to guarantee just in time delivery from our European and U.S. plants.

    Logistics is digitalized and integrated too. We can access the information we need to make our supply chain processes agile and improved, ensuring an excellent customer experience.