knife handles, knife blocks & cutting boards

unique wood knife block
precision processing of wood components

Minelli is aware of the ergonomic expectations of a fine cutlery designer’s job. Through focusing on the initial project and studying the product features, Minelli technical department can translate a drawing into a handy and safe knife.

wooden cutter handle
precision wood processing - knife handles

Furthermore, Minelli’s extensive experience in traditional wood working methods combined with the most advanced technologies implemented in the manufacturing lines grant high precision and personalized solutions to meet the tightest tolerances required for this kind of products.

unique wood knife blocks
exclusive wooden knife blocks

The same approach is used when designing and manufacturing wood knife blocks to store cutlery instruments in the best and safest way and cutting boards with stylish and handy design.

wooden kitchenware
wooden chopping board and kitchenware

All these products can be supplied varnished with food contact approved paint (EN 1935-2004) and in many different FSC wood essences or in new wood combinations.