Our method

feasibility study

Each project, whether big or small, comes from a rough idea that need to be sharpened with a process, with our Method. First feedback will come in few working days and will be a feasibility study, letting you know what Minelli can do for you. This is a quick yet reliable response with the purpose of giving you a wider perception of the project, offering you alternative solution among our possibilities.

Product definition process through innovation

product definition

Once the basis of the project has been settled, we want you to meet our technical team: the people who will bring your idea into production. Our workshop normally lasts 8 hours and is held both with sales and technical people. This is the moment when your ideas are studied in details: type of wood, shapes, processes, etc. Minelli team and your team will be together working on shaping out the best technical solution.

Product definition process through innovation

product design

The product has been defined in detail and now just needs to be designed. Minelli has brought along several cooperations with industrial designers and creatives around the world who can be involved in the creation process, to present you a unique wooden product project.

sampling & quotation

Having approved the feasibility study, we can develop a full pre-production quotation including virtual and phisical samples in order to preview the highest production standards at the best price.

product engineering

Using the latest CAD-CAM softwares, your project will be finely engineered to achieve the optimal result of a smooth and efficient in-line production cycle. Every single feature of the product will be deeply analyzed in order to find the best production model: time and cost efficiency are a must.

product manufacturing

Once we’re ready for the production on an industrial series, we will produce with the same competence a small batch or a large production. State of the art technology and utmost attention to every single piece : this is Minelli!


Wood is a live material with special working techniques and secrets. At Minelli we only rely on qualified sourcing channels to bring in line the best raw materials. Through the dedicated in-house seasoning plant we can perform a controlled desiccant and drying process, which is the heart of the wood working. Minelli can be your partner in the most challenging deliveries. Warehouses in Europe and in USA allow us to be right there where you need us, with a real JIT delivery service.

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