people & communities

our glocal perspective

People are the core of our company, and we do our best to value and support them with our dynamic and flexible culture focused on inclusion, collaboration, and the development of new skills for their future.

We believe in the power of diversity, as each individual brings their experiences, ideas, and perspectives as well as cultural and religious differences.

We are a multinational company, but we are strongly linked to our territory and its inhabitants. They have given us so much, and for this reason, we are committed to return the favour.

Our first production plant was built in the small village of Ambriola in the north of Italy, with which we have a deep emotional bond that we can never ignore.

In an increasingly global world, we always treasure our local foundations.

diversity & inclusion

Different views and cultures are an added value for us.
People who work at Minelli come from all over the world. They help us innovate and grow every day.

We strive to build a connected workforce where everyone is free to express different talents and skills to build better solutions for our customers.

Minelli Academy

Our attachment to the territory led us to create a project with local schools to give students the opportunity to work with us and learn from our experts.

The object is valorising and training young talents, offering them the opportunity to develop their skills in an innovative, multinational, and cutting-edge company with a chance to become part of our team.