wood custom made shot gun stocks

shotgun stocks & grips

The Minelli Group makes the best wooden gunstocks and grips in the world. We offer a wide range of wood types and qualities to accommodate any client’s requirements. Our decades of experience in designing, engineering and producing wood components for the outdoor industry, guarantee remarkable products high precision and unique finishes. The company is known for its ability to maintain the highest standards in compliance with tolerance, quality control and reliable delivery.

wooden bows

More than 80 years of experience in the selection and processing of wood and its derivatives, have allowed the Minelli Group to enter the bow industry with technologically advanced components in terms of performance and quality. The company experiments with new forms and materials, to provide its customers always innovative solutions and guarantee a step ahead of their competitors.

walking sticks

The Minelli group studies and produces walking sticks of the highest quality in terms of raw materials, design of the shapes with accurate attention to detail. Our products are characterized by the best grips in the world in terms of ergonomics and perceived quality by our customers.

Custom made rifle accessories

rifle accessories

The company’s decades of experience in designing and manufacturing the best wooden gunstock in the world, has allowed Minelli to develop high-end components for improved performance. Minelli’s accessories grant rifles with new and modern aesthetic look as well as improved performance in daily use.

Custom made rifle accessories

hunting knives handles

The handle of a knife is a fundamental component for outdoor enthusiasts. Our grips have a combination of materials, shapes and finishes that guarantee the best possible grip in any environmental conditions. Our lines cover the entire spectrum of handles on the market: from classic lines to modern designs with style and tactical features.