wooden paint brushes handle

For over 7 decades Minelli Group is the undisputed world leader in the production of handles for professional brushes with very high performances and competitive costs. Our production lines allow us to supply more than 1 million pieces per month with wide range of materials, shapes and finishes. Each piece undergoes a rigorous quality control process which guarantees the most accurate tolerances in the market.
The recognition of our work in terms of cost, quality and service is demonstrated thanks to long lasting partnerships we have cultivated with leading customers all over the world.

wood hair brushes handles

The Minelli Group supplies the main brands in the world in the production of wooden brush handles. We study each model together with our clients before it goes to productions and provide design and engineering support based on our decades of experience. Our customers can choose from a wide range of materials and finishes that best fit their desired design. We guarantee precision and punctuality in quality and supply all over the world. Our products range from the most classic to ultra-modern solutions which can embrace the latest trends maintaining environmental sustainability throughout the complete supply chain.

make up brushes wood handle

In the Make up industry The Minelli group is well known for supplying the highest performance brushes in the world. Our components are produced with maximum ergonomics at an affordable price while maintaining natural and sustainable processes. By choosing Minelli components, our customers are able to differentiate themselves in the market, with products that are immediately recognizable and appreciated by professionals all over the world.

artist brushes handle

Our brush handles exceed the highest standards required by artists and professionals around the world; ergonomics, weight, choice of materials and finishes, are designed and manufactured with the utmost attention to detail. Compared to other components with the same technical characteristics, our products are positioned as the most competitive in price as service level all over the world.

wellness brushes handle

Our wood components for the wellness world, represent the state of the art thanks to their characteristics of aesthetics, functionality and respect for costs. Our handles are designed to be used on a daily basis in humid environments and in contact with chemical substances and natural oils. Our production processes apply rigorous attention to quality control, remarkable finishes and environment sustainability.