wooden paintbrush handles

The Minelli Group is a leader in producing wooden handles for professional paintbrushes worldwide, thanks to innovative finishes and designs and always guaranteeing the highest quality and cost-effectiveness.

wooden hairbrush handles & combs

Are you thinking about widening your catalogue with wooden hairbrush handles and combs? The Minelli Group can create real objects of design, with innovative materials and finishes. Our goal is to produce glamourous but also functional products that respond to clients’ needs and standards, such as resistance to water, sustainability, and precision.

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wooden make-up brush handles

If you are looking for prestigious and professional make-up brushes, The Minelli Group is your ideal partner. We can create ergonomic, sustainable, and distinctive products enriched with the most innovative finishes currently on the market.

wooden artist brush handles

Artists have very high standards for brushes. The Minelli Group can guarantee decennial expertise in wood manufacturing, with great attention to precision and service. We can create ergonomic and competitive products, thanks to the most modern machinery and tools.

wooden domestic cleaning brush handles

Brushes created for house cleaning can be used in a humid environment and in contact with chemical substances. The Minelli Group can produce solid and resistant products, functional and captivating, thanks to innovative finishes and professional techniques.