hand tools

axes handles

Ax is one of the most stressed and solicited hand tools. The production of axes handles requires specific expertise in order to guarantee resistance and long-term functionality. The quality of the end product depends on selecting the right wood, following the correct production process and applying strict quality control procedures. Our decades of experience combined with our innovative technologies and rigorous procedures, make us the ideal partner for the production of this complexed element.

hardware handles

Minelli Group is capable to produce high quality wood components due to an extensive experience of traditional wood working methods combined with the most advanced calculation and modelling processes; able to comply the most demanding requirements in terms of quality and delivery.

hand saws handles

Hand saw handle is a delicate component which must comply with different requirements in order to satisfy both producer and end user. As all hand tools, the raw material plays important part, but also ergonomic shape and finish as well as measurement precision are required. Being the world leading manufacturer for hand tools components, Minelli Group possesses all these expertise and more. We can guarantee not only premium materials and accurate shapes but also quality consistency on large scale quantities.